Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thank-You Notes

My oldest son, Chandler, sat at the kitchen table yesterday writing "thank-you notes" on postcards he bought in Ireland.  So many family members and friends contributed to sending him on that once in a lifetime trip.  I was laughing at him because he kept writing his message in the place where he was supposed to put the address.  And  while I was laughing at his mistake, I realized that there were some "thank-you's" of my own I needed to write.

"You are so funny."  I hear this a lot.  I have tried and tried to get people to understand that if I have a funny thought it is because I was initially really irritated, or even angry about something.  Apparently I don't like to feel irritated or angry, so my brain uses humor to cope.  It seems ironic to me that humor is usually born out of some kind of darker moment of my day.  The moment when all I really want to do is scream, that moment turns into a story that is cracking everyone up. Including me, once I put it in writing.  The truth is, very few of my funny stories seem funny when they are happening... Only in the telling do I see the humor in it.

So really, when you sweet friends get a chuckle out of my misfortunes, mistakes, and frustrations, you help me to get outside of myself to see the humor in it too, which just makes me feel better.  So I write about what seems like nothing, you laugh about it and encourage me, and I have a little better perspective to deal with daily life.

All I really want to say this morning is thank you.  For being friends who care enough to read about my very ordinary life, and for always being such an encouragement to this weary mama. It is really you, not the writing, that make this little blog worthwhile.  To know I am not alone. Consider this post a great big bloggy hug from me to each of you. :)

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