Monday, July 2, 2012

One More Cup

I am definitely NOT a morning person.  This morning began at about 6:30 with Hudson climbing into my bed and digging his little feet into my back, pushing me over in between the pillows.  We were joined a few minutes later by Gracie, who proceeded to climb on top of Hudson, which caused a little scuffle and consequently MORE little feet digging in my back.  All the while, I am thinking to myself, "Why don't I just get up?  They aren't going to stop until I do..." But no, I squeezed my eyes shut and mumbled something to the effect of "Please stop kicking me."  Finally, after about 15 minutes of futility, I gave in to shouts of "Yay! Yay! Mommy's up! Let's go downstairs!"

Make a cup of juice, a cup of chocolate milk, a bowl of cereal, turn on cartoons, start the coffee.  Empty the sink that somehow magically fills up while I sleep... Sit down to check email/facebook/twitter and wait on the  coffee that takes entirely too long to brew on Mondays.  Gracie starts yelling something about her wet pull-up (potty training is a "whole 'nother" story altogether, and I will NOT be writing about it today.) Hudson starts whining about the dart gun (one that is entirely too big and too difficult for a 3 yr old to operate, which is, in fact, why he loves it so much.) And I just want to scream "Can all of this just wait until I've had at least 2 cups of coffee?? Please??" And I am really tempted to go down that irritable path.  Really.  Tempted.

I stop myself  just long enough to think of what I want them to remember about Mom when they are grown... And I don't want their description of me to be "She was definitely NOT a morning person."

So I am deciding right now that at least for this morning, I will be cheerful.  I will be fun.  I will play with dart guns and baby dolls and maybe even play-doh.  Maybe. After one more cup of coffee.

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